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Cryptocurrency trading or also known as crypto trading is described simply as the exchange of virtual currencies. Much like in Foreign Exchange of FOREX, you can buy & sell cryptocurrency for another such as Altcoin or Bitcoin for Euro and USD.

This is just one of the ways to be involved in cryptocurrencies without necessarily mining it.

Trading Long before Releasing Your Money

One way to which you can trade cryptocurrency is called as margin trading.

In this method, you are going to borrow the buying and selling power. All this in exchange for the allocation of the percentage of your fund or in this case, referred to as “margin”. This will be accessible after the trade and when you have returned the capital you’ve borrowed.

Leveraging the Market

Then again, there is this method called as leverage trading.

For this trading approach, you can trade a certain amount that you do not have. Normally, cryptocurrency trading are offering traders with a leverage of 1 to 10. Meaning to say, for every dollar that you trade, you will get $10 buying power. You may feel bothered of risking your money in such. But do remember, with great risks, comes great rewards.