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Trust, Safety & Insurance

SnagRide is committed to our travelers' safety and security. We do not just want to connect drivers and passengers; we endeavor to make travelers' experience as safe and comfortable as possible. To do this we have taken a number of steps. We verify the identities of SnagRide members through email and phone number verifications. SnagRide respects your privacy. SnagRide uses the latest technology to securely process payment methods and protect your personal information.

The SnagRide transportation community is built on mutual trust – the confidence that drivers and passengers have in each other – as well as choice. As such, this is a self-policing car sharing community. This means that passengers and drivers involved in a rideshare publicly rate and review each other with every encounter, allowing the members to build up a trusted community reputation. Therefore, before you book a trip with another member you can checkout how other members rated their experiences with him or her in the past. So, the choice is yours, whether you are a rider or a driver. Riders can choose to travel with any driver they prefer, and drivers can accept or decline any request.

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