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About Us

Don't hitch a ride. Snag-a-Ride! SnagRide is a ride-sharing platform that allows people to connect and find a convenient way to not only save money but also enjoy the good company of fellow travelers while on road trips.

SnagRide was created by a team of software engineers and entrepreneurs who believe that American road trips should be painless and affordable, not costly and complicated. By taking on additional passengers for a fee, drivers going on a trip can reduce the cost of travel to themselves and for their passengers, saving money and time not to mention the freedom to come and go, when and with whom they prefer to travel.

Whether you are traveling 50 miles or 1000 miles, or you are a vacationer driving to the beach for the weekend, or a college student who needs a ride from/to campus, or an entrepreneur looking to try your luck in a new location, SnagRide can help to get you wherever you need to go! We believe it is always more fun to hit the road, worry-free and with good company.

So, America, Snag-a-Ride today—and hit on the road in style !